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Extend Your Adventure


Keep your adventure going for an extra 4-5 days! Spend time exploring your interests with participants from around the world, PLUS a little more free time. Once you are confirmed on a trip, come back to register! Programs run in English the weeks of Jan. 27th, and Feb. 17th.


To reschedule your flight without Birthright Israel Plus, please review the following details

We are now offering programs in Spanish

the week of January 20th 

  • The Foods of Israel A culinary experience through Israeli diversity Explore
  • The He(ART) of Israel Behind the scenes with Israeli art & culture Explore
  • The Sea-to-Sea Trek Hike from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee Explore
  • Eilat of Heart & Soul Delve Deeper: Beyond the surface of Israel & yourself Explore
  • Multi-Cultural Israel Discover Jerusalem's diverse social fabric Explore
  • Mountains & Mystics A 7-day retreat to energize your spirit Explore

Once you are assigned to your flight for your Taglit-Birthright Israel trip, you can register to be a part of any Birthright Israel Plus program that suits your passions. Fill out our short registration form, have a personal follow-up (call), and then we will submit your flight extension request for processing.

The program fee is highly subsidized: you just sign over your Taglit-Birthright Israel deposit, which will help cover the costs of lodging, food, and transportation while on your program.

Participants of previous Taglit-Birthright Israel seasons will pay $250. 



After 10 days of cultural exploration in Israel, your Taglit trip will come to a close. While everyone else is headed back home, you’ll get a short period to rest up and explore a bit on your own before starting a new 4-7 day experience focusing on a particular area of interest (no prior knowledge or experience needed!).

Birthright Israel Plus offers a slightly more relaxed schedule, giving you the opportunity to curate your own experience with the support network of Taglit’s experienced and highly knowledgeable staff. Plus groups are made up of only 20-25 participants so you’ll be part of a more intimate community.

Questions? Check out our FAQs